Seasoned Advice

We provide reports, evaluations and advice on HVAC and piping systems. This is based on years of hands on experience. That experience came from over 20 years of documenting, verifying, finding and resolving HVAC problems. The term “If you can measure it, you can manage it” has been around for a long time. We founded Trinidad Engineering based on testing and analyzing HVAC systems. Since 1996 we have custom built many test and data collection systems. We began in the chemical industry then moved to commercial systems as instrumentation became more cost effective to use in non-process environments. We now own thousands of dollars of professional grade measurement and testing equipment. These include;

  • Ultrasonic Flow meters

  • Differential pressure water and air meters

  • Data loggers

  • Flow hoods

  • hot wire and vaneometers

  • Non-contact tachometers

  • Temperature and humidity senors

We often get called in to solve third party design problems. These services supplement but do not replace those of a balancer, technician or controls contractor. When they hit the wall, we provide detailed solutions based on facts and years of experience to quickly get your systems back up and usually running better than before. Contact us for expert testing and advice before, during or even after your construction project is complete.


Investigation Examples

Trinidad Engineering Has Performed Equipment Evaluations and Troubleshooting For:

  • Pre and Post Construction Projects

  • Lab Pressurization

  • Humidification and De-humidification

  • Fan and pump capacity

  • Air and water flow

  • Process and Lab exhaust systems

  • Control Issues

  • Energy Conservation Projects


The Process

Step 1: First we perform a thorough walk through where we meet with you and your staff in order to better understand the nature of your problem, the requirements that the solution must meet as well as the best approach to resolving the problem.

Step 2: Next we perform comprehensive audits in which we gather detailed information using specialized instrumentation and techniques, many of which we have custom built and designed ourselves.

Step 3: Finally we deliver a detailed report and executive summary complete with simplified text, graphs and charts to guide you through each stage of the correction and implementation process. We have, in many cases, remained on throughout the implementation process to provide construction documents and administration.

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Need help assessing a project or just looking for more details on our services or process? 

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