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We offer a different approach when it comes time to evaluate, retrofit, replace, add to or build new MEP / FP projects. Our roots started in facilities engineering and the building trades. Back in the 1990’s, long before commissioning and data logging were popular, we were measuring and commissioning building systems. That hands on approach allows us to walk the walk and talk the talk when you need a practical engineering firm.

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understanding the way you do things

We understand there are many stakeholders involved in a building's success and longevity.    A building's design, construction and ultimate maintenance involves the orchestration of many team members.  Carefully listening, understanding and sometimes being a very good detective really makes the difference. We don’t go into a project with a preconceived idea, we go into a project with our detective hat on because it can take some digging to get to the best solutions.

People designing HVAC systems

simplicity in design

Our focus on excellence puts the user first.  Let’s face it, the science and engineering that goes into today’s building systems can be very complicated. We understand how to speak tech, CEO, teacher, contractor, custodian or any level without intimidating but rather educating the client in a very non-technical approach. We break down the complicated into simple everyday language so that everyone on your team understands the objectives or limitations with each design decision, which is why we challenge each design for:

  • Consistency across all design objectives

  • Bottom up engineering … our best ideas start from the most unlikely sources hiding in your organization.

  • Getting agreement with all team members

  • Building flexibility into designs to operate in the real world

  • Thinking from every perspective … installer, maintenance contractor, owner, manager, everyday user

The best projects meet budgets, go in as expected, easy to use, easy to maintain and performs superbly.


We help colleges, universities, manufacturing and offices upgrade, expand and replace outdated building systems. Got a question about your challenging project ? Send it along and we will respond within 1 business day.

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