Whatever we do, we do it thoroughly. All projects start by filling a need. However, sometimes the need and feasibility is not fully understood. This means we spend time interviewing users, managers and owners. It also means spending time investigating systems with your technical people. Sometimes it even means we take out our own test equipment to investigate a little further. Our construction drawings, permit drawings, building assessments, reports and advice addresses the concerns, wants and needs of those interacting and building those systems. We are there before, during and after the project is done. Always ready to assist you in the transition to your new building system.

The majority of our work is directly for building owners, facility and capital planning departments. Our next largest group is with design build contractors.

Our primary focus is in the retrofit market for colleges and universities. However, many other building owners, contractors and architects reach out to us for retrofits, additions and new construction projects for many other types of buildings and clients.

Here is what a mechanical contractor has to say …

“Trinidad Engineering is extremely unique in today’s contracting world….“Hands on” is an understatement when describing this firm. As such, mechanical contractors can be confident that the drawings they are working with are correct in their depiction of existing conditions. There is no guesswork..….Above all, The project moves along smoothly. The contractor receives guidance when required, and the building owner gets a quality installation on time and within budget. What more can you ask for?”

-Jack Mortimer, President, JS Mortimer, Mechanical Contracting


We assist owners and contractors with difficult HVAC air flow, water flow and control problems. It’s unusual in our industry for engineering firms to test and evaluate mechanical systems. In 1996, we bridged the gap between trades and engineering by doing hands on, and specialized testing of HVAC and process piping systems. Sometimes a problem can’t be solved using a text book or building code. Sometimes you have to go beyond the theory and get into the practical world of pumps, fans and control sequences. We solved those difficult problems while working side by side with some of the best balancers and contractors out there today.

Here is what a clean room facility manager has to say …

“I have been truly amazed at your vast knowledge of not only HVAC cooling, airflow characteristics , and controls, but also your computerized applications knowledge. When I saw your Massachusetts license plate “Mr. HVAC” ; I thought “We’ll see…” I can say now there is nobody more deserving! I will always recommend highly your knowledge, experience, and integrity.”

-Lenny Aalto, Clean Room Facility Manager, Marine Polymer Technologies”


When a canned engineering solution won’t work give us a call for a custom solution. We created solutions that were adopted early in industry, manufacturing and labs. Some of those success stories started over 20 years ago.

  • 1997 - US patent for water conservation in steam sterilization

  • 2000 - Optimized multiple fan and tower water flows to improve chiller efficiency

  • 2003 - reduced energy use using variable speed fans in refrigerated warehouses

  • 2014 - High precision air flow measurement for lab mice ventilation system ( +/- 0.1 % )

  • 2019 - Optimize testing and manufacturing for cryogenic chillers ( - 96 C)

  • 2019 - Optimizing and advising on control sequences for a infectious disease lab

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