Solid Advice

Mike is an excellent resource when it comes to energy efficiency, mechanical engineering, and troubleshooting facilities maintenance and operational issues. ... Anyone employing his talent will quickly find that he exceeds his client’s standards.
— Dariusz Raczkowski, Director of Engineering at Tufts University

accurate information

The best decisions are made based on accurate information. We use high end test equipment to accurately capture information. In the hands of an experienced engineer, the right measurements can identify and solve challenging problems. By being on site, we can immediately analyze data in relation to the surrounding circumstances at the time of measurement. This allows us to hone in on the source of the problem or to modify the data collection on the fly. We use this information to not only solve your problem but also to avoid problems on future projects.

great ideas

Great ideas can come from anyone. The best solutions use a blend of ideas. A key factor in getting those great ideas to bubble to the surface is to build trust. Great ideas also need a practical engineering approach to turn them into reality. Not only do we build trust among the team, we also turn great ideas into reality.



thorough documentation

The most common problem in our industry is vague drawings that don’t give enough direction to the contractors to properly bid or install. This can lead to high bid prices and difficulty in making systems work properly. We verify, measure existing conditions, and are very specific on phasing the project. We also add extra explanatory notes that will enhance the general understanding and unique challenges in a project. Everything is tailored to the client’s unique requirements.