Michael Trinidad, P.E. , CPD

Meet Michael Trinidad, the Founder and President of Trinidad Engineering.

Michael has 33 years of experience in HVAC Engineering, Project Management, and Energy Engineering. Before starting Trinidad Engineering, he worked as a HVAC Engineer, Project Manager, and Energy Engineer for utilities, consulting firms and real estate companies.

As President of Trinidad Engineering, he delivers custom designs for critical applications. His experience includes, hands-on experiences in steam, process, labs, and clean room projects, and even patented a water conservation process

Michael holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He is also certified in HVAC System Design, Advanced Steam Design, Hydronic Design, Successful Air Design & Retrofit, Advanced Plumbing Design (UCLA), Certified Plumbing Designer (ASPE) and as a Registered Professional Engineer, HVAC.

“Design It Like You Work There” is our United States trademark and philosophy. We discover what is unique about your project, building, and staff needs. We call this bottom up verses top down engineering. Some of our best ideas are not ours but yours. We just help bring them out by bringing people and ideas together.
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